Saturday, January 8, 2011

Foreword Clarion Book Review Now Available Online

The review of The Best Seller  is now available on the website of ForeWord Reviews.
Click on the link to read the full review.

Rating: Five Stars (out of Five) 

The bons mots fly thick and fast through the pages of this contemporary novel, which pokes loving fun at corporate culture, techno-gadgets in daily life, romance, traditional Indian customs, geekdom, and a handful of other themes. The wonder of it all is that Sengupta keeps all the threads interwoven in a densely attractive word tapestry which is also very, very funny. Logophiles will be snickering at all the literary in-jokes as well as the pop-culture references.
.. Sengupta has delivered a finely tempered blade of a book that takes artful slices at several pretentious elements of modern life. In its scope and length, it’s reminiscent of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, another excellent novel. The Best Seller deserves the attention to match its title.

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