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"The wonder of it all is that Sengupta keeps all the threads interwoven in a densely attractive word tapestry which is also very, very funny. Logophiles will be snickering at all the literary in-jokes as well as the pop-culture references. ... 
Sengupta has delivered a finely tempered blade of a book that takes artful slices at several pretentious elements of modern life. In its scope and length, it's reminiscent of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, another excellent novel. The Best Seller deserves the attention to match its title." - ForeWord Clarion Reviews
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In Brief

Woody Allen's raunchier films, conferences over cannabis, psychiatric analysis in Amsterdam's Red Light District, ancient Indian philosophy, Tai Chi Chuan – do these seem enough to combat the financial downturn?

Sandeep, a struggling novelist, takes on the roles of a clandestine cameraman, a ghost blogger and a tai chi teacher as he awaits his big break. A convoluted twist of fate lands him in Amsterdam and propels him through hilarious adventures in the toppling world of economic crisis, the murky domain of publishing, the crazy corporate circus and modern day relationships across mind, body and modem.

During the months of fruitless preparation of query letters, synopses and self addressed stamped envelopes, he comes across a consultant in love, an e-minded psychiatrist, a Dutch-American financial theorist, an octogenarian scholar, an attractive political science researcher, a visionary entrepreneur and a horde of colourful characters scurrying along in the corporate rat race.

The journey towards the grand truth and illusion – and the great fuzzy area in between – encompasses credit crisis conferences, hemp adorned coffee shops, personality disorders, packaged philosophy, identity swaps, branding phenomena, the deepest wisdom of the Gita, author evenings, Collateralised Debt Obligations, tai chi  and all conquering love.

The novel combines unrestrained insights into the human mind and its networked playing field, doing so with more than a touch of humour.