Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another touching mail from a reader

"In one word I would say that the book is 'fulfilling'. 

I loved the cannabis conferences, and the conversations between Sandeep and the doctor. The constant alliterations were a gem. It really is a welcome break from the usual crime thriller - page turner that one gets to read most often these days. There was an innate joy of just reading this one without even bothering to think about the end. 

Quoting the book itself, I would say it is a book that can be read on a train, and be remembered in the next journey too. 

Thanks for (producing) this gem"

As I say, mails like this make writing worthwhile.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A wonderful mail from a reader...

Mail from  a reader from California.

Just finished The Best Seller and the Big Apple. Great reads, great truths, especially loved dhop satori. As a former biotech consultant, I can certainly verify the observation, which I always thought of as execs blurring the boundary between hype and reality.

I started Aikido at age 40 with Robert Nadeau Sensei in Mountain View, CA. My knee went bad after three and a half years, but they were unforgettable ones. I've had spiritual teachers through the years (as a naive American mostly), but Nadeau Sensei, although a curious mixture of light and dark, taught me more about life than I've learned elsewhere. I'm 70 now, and the adventure of life continues to roll out.

In any event, thanks loads for sharing your great writing and trenchant insights. I'll be looking forward to future efforts.

Scroll Articles - Current Issue: Jeeves and the Booker Prize

Scroll Articles - Current Issue: Jeeves and the Booker Prize:

A complete Jeeves novella by Arunabha Sengupta with apologies to P.G. Wodehouse
This was published in the PG Wodehouse special issue of Scroll.