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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Press Release on Mmdnewswire

Arunabha Sengupta documents one man's journey to learn the difference between truth and fabrication in the fictional novel, "The Best Seller"
BADEN, Switzerland (MMD Newswire) April 19, 2011 -- Arunabha Sengupta uses his novel, "The Best Seller" (ISBN 145380398X) to comment on the corporate world as well as the financial crisis the entire world seems to be facing. He uses his own experiences in the corporate circus as well as other personal experiences, including his black belt in Aikido, to create the story of Sandeep Gupta.
Struggling author Sandeep Gupta dabbles in various professions to make ends meet while sending his manuscripts to uninterested publishers and agents everywhere. The dedicated tai chi student travels to Amsterdam for a seminar, where he also plans on hunting down agents for his book. In order to increase his chances for publication, he persuades his childhood friend, Pritam Mitra, a distinguished consultant, to joyride across Europe and leave Sandeep to parade around as him at a conference dealing with the global financial crisis.
Rather than preparing for the presentation, Sandeep relies on the teachings from an Indian philosophical text to make his presentation a success. Senior management is so impressed that they ask Sandeep to collaborate in the writing of a model solution to the crisis. He agrees and remains at the firm, impersonating his friend and preparing a paper on the crisis based on nothing but philosophy-laced fabrication. He fails to fit into the corporate world of the firm and teaches tai chi to his co-workers, screens raunchy Woody Allen films as team building exercises and uses the office stationery to continue sending his manuscript to publishers.
Sandeep's unusual antics attract the attention of Shruti, a doctorate student and talented writer, Simon, who writes about him in his blog and Dr. Roy, a psychiatrist interested in the effects of the Internet. In order to expedite the paper, the four meditate over the questions of the modern world in an Amsterdam coffee shop under a cloud of cannabis. The drug-inspired paper is heralded as a new age solution, creating more demands on Sandeep as he struggles to get his own life back, while searching for the truth in the false world full of manufactured corporate consent and noise.
In addition to the struggles Sandeep faces, Sengupta comments on corporate greed, jealousy, obsession, tai chi and love in "The Best Seller." He attempts to accurately portray the rat race nature of life and how easy it can be for one to get swept up in the antics. He believes that his novel deals with a complex contemporary issue in a humorous, entertaining way.
"The Best Seller" is available for sale online at and other channels.
About the Author:
Arunabha Sengupta is an author who has lived and worked around the globe. He is married and lives in Switzerland with his wife and daughter. He is a black belt in Aikido, and has worked as a process consultant. Hence, he is familiar to the world of martial arts and the corporate environment that form the bulwark of his current novel. He has written two other novels, "Labyrinth: A Novel about the Software Industry" and "Big Apple 2 Bites: A Novel of Love, 9/11 and Aikido."

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April is proving good too

No. 2 among Financial Crisis best sellers and towards the top of some Kindle categories on 7th April, 2011.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Interview about The Best Seller

Will be giving an interview to be aired live on FunAsia channel - 700 AM. 

I will be speaking about The Best Seller, but cricket and the World Cup will also feature in the discussion.

The programme will be aired at 7 PM CST, Tuesday 5th April, which corresponds to 

  • midnight GMT, 
  • 2:00 AM CET Wednesday 6th April and 
  • 5:30 AM IST Wednesday 6th April. 

If interested and awake, please join in to hear.