Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Be or Not To Be in the modern world

The struggling author and his literature loving lady friend take time off to script a modern day back cover blurb for the mass market paperback edition of the greatest play of all time.

Jonathan Kellerman meets Stephen King.

There is something rotten in the State of Denmark. A father murdered. A family betrayed. A fall into madness.

When young Prince Hamlet returns for his Father’s funeral, into the sea-swept Scandinavian landscape and the sensuous charms of oomph oozing Ophelia, he finds all is not well. Murder most foul has left its treacherous mark in the clandestine corridors of the royal palace. Exploring the darkest corners of the human mind, the tale unfolds as a riveting mix of lust, power, intrigue and retribution. Terrifying yet funny, chilling yet deep, 

Hamlet is an erotic psychological thriller set in the phantasmagorical world, etched with mind games and sword fights in equal measure.

New York Times Bestseller.
The winner of the Rendell Award ... 
A sensational new author.

Rip Roaring Action – James Hadley Chase

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