Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well into the Final Trimester

The long awaited novel is finally going through the publishing process.

Set mostly in Amsterdam and moving through the rest of Europe, the West Coast of USA and  India, as well as the bright streets and the murky alleys of virtual world, this has been a labour of love and hate, started with passionate fervour and rewritten from scratch after the first 200 pages.

I will probably not etch pictures of life on such a large canvas again for a while. This has taken three calendar years of my life and scooped away a large chunk of my innermost being.

Hope to see you curled up with the 500 plus pages before the end of the year. Be careful, for the entertaining journey will not always be agreeable.

The image to the right is not the cover which is being designed at this moment. However, it wonderfully depicts the well loved city where most of the action takes place.

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